Customer Reviews

We all know how difficult it is to get a great Valentine's gift for guys. I thought the custom song idea was pretty unique so I ordered a song to be written about the first time we met. It was at a wine and cigar event in the middle of July. I filled out the details and I am just very impressed with how well she put them on a melody! And he loved it! The vibe takes us straight back to that hot summer day. I also love the custom and album art. It was the perfect touch! I got major points, lol! We were both very happy with our first custom song, I highly recommend it!


So  my grandma turned 90 this year, and we were planning  on a big family party to celebrate. Covid forced us to cancel those plans. Not only that, but she was feeling really down because  she was isolated and alone. So I had  to do something special, but what exactly do you get your 90 year old grandma for her birthday? Especially during a pandemic? Special trips, dinners and cool technology was out of the question. A custom song was perfect! I spoke with Roberta over the phone and told her about grandma, her nickname, favorite things to do, her popularity here and back home in  Jamaica. The song was perfect! I cried! She even added the special touch by gathering personal messages from the whole family, and adding my brand new baby's voice at the end. It was totally precious in every way! Grandma loved it! And best of all it cheered her up during this craziness. It was totally worth it! I'm getting another song written about my pregnancy. I'm totally excited about it, I can't wait. I didn't even know custom songs were a thing, but it's definitely the way to go. Best gift ever!

-Stephanie Cheng Hin Mee

I love my song!! Roberta is very respectful of your choice of music, and provides options. I was very impressed on how she sets time aside, to get what is needed to make your song, sound real pertaining to your life experiences. Five stars all day!

Wow!!!! That's the first word that came to mind when I heard this song. Listening to the song, it encourages and motivates me; that in the midst of my pain God still has a purpose for my life and giving up is not an option! So if you need someone to compose a song for you, professionally, I highly recommend my girl Lyric! She's Amazing!!!!

-A. Renee Daniels