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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Here at MTOM, the fuel to our existence revolves around two things:

  1. Writing quality custom songs for our customers

  2. Providing songwriters the opportunity to get paid for the skill.

It's no doubt that 2020 has been that year. It seems like the whole world is in pain. Covid-19 has taken its toll on our land, our bodies and our economy. And one of the hardest hit industries facing the pandemic is the music industry.

Music artists put tons of financial and sweat equity into their craft only to upload their music into a deep sea of other starving artists trying to get the attention of the listener. And why? Why should the average person listen to OUR music versus the other fifty million artists swarming the scene? Unless you have the industry machine to back you, it’s becoming all the more difficult to stand out from the crowd. We post on social media, upload to streaming services, and tell our friends and fan base to check out the new music. We follow all the steps the YouTube professionals tell us to follow to get maximum results. But even then, streaming services and distribution companies take a piece of your hard-earned pie. Everyone knows, it will take MILLIONS of listeners to get a return on investment. So what’s an artist to do? Well we have few options:

  1. Start licensing: It’s a great option. It’s the idea of letting visual mediums borrow your music for a small (or large) fee. The catch: breaking through to music directors is one thing; sealing the deal is another. It takes a lot of grind to get those contracts. But it can be done.

  2. Live performances: PAID live performances to be specific. But yeah... it's 2020 and with Covid hanging around, that’s not working out in our favor. Hopefully it won’t be much longer.

  3. Merch: A friend of mine just told me the most money he makes in relation to his music is from selling t-shirts. Merch is wonderful, we just have to consider the fact that it’s another investment we have to make, and hope for a decent return for the effort.

These options are great, and I’m not here to discredit or dilute them, because we all know it’s a part of the music business we’re working in. But essentially you’re becoming a little record label wrapped up in one person. There’s a reason why the average record label has A&R departments, publicists, managers, etc. Because it’s A LOT of work. It takes a lot of time and resources to get the train moving.

Now I don't say all this to sound all gloom and doom about the music business. Success in any industry is going to take blood, sweat and tears. But if there’s a way for songwriters (artists, producers, and musicians too, but specifically SONGWRITERS) to get an immediate cash flow while pursuing their dreams, then...WHY NOT?

And that brings me to custom songwriting. It was a small seed germinating in my head years ago (2016 to be specific). For anyone who’s known me for any amount of time, they would know that I. AM. A. SONG. WRITER.


It started in a band at the age of 16. I learned two chords on the keyboard and honey... that was all I needed. Songs would spill out left and right. Catchy, fun, soothing, heart-string pulling. Although I probably wouldn’t sing any of them now (lol), I was proud of where I started and how far I’d come. It took me a while to entertain the idea of actually being a professional in music (another story for another day). But IT was there. I was a songwriter. Period.

And once I decided that it was a gift I wanted to explore, exploit and make the most out of, I started trying to figure out how I could get paid. How does this music business/industry thing work? Where do I start?

After sifting through record label contracts, booking performances (not always paid), selling t-shirts and cds, and doing all other kinds of music circus acts, my frustrations and desires boiled down to one thing:

I want to WRITE SONGS and GET PAID. Why is that so hard!!!!?????

And that seed hit me. In 2016, I thought “What if I wrote love songs for friends?” Great idea! I did my research and it was a thing. Writing custom love songs for people was a thing.

My problem: no home studio yet. The cost to record those songs at a professional studio would not have been worth the effort.

But the seed stayed.

I got studio equipment. The seed was watered.

I wrote a song for a couple for Valentine’s Day.

The seed grew.

A custom song for a birthday, an author, a nurse, a grandma. The list goes on. And the evil songwriter scientist inside my head screamed “IT’S ALIVE!!!” hahahaha!

It works. I got paid, cash in hand, to write a song.

More value than that, I was able to write something specifically SPECIAL. Not just for me. Not just another song about what I was going through. Not just another tune I have to convince the world to hear. I get to write songs that are special to that 5 year olds world and grandma's world. I get to write melodies that are everlasting. And I get paid to do it!!

And more value than that? Helping other songwriters do the same.

So here we are!

Made To Order Music: A Custom Songwriting Service

Here to write music that MEANS something. Here to help songwriters get PAID to do it.

Connect with us. Stay tuned. Leave a few comments below. And if this opportunity suits you, JOIN.

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