Verse 1

'Twas game night,  something was weird 

'Twas one extra player, with a snowy-white beard

Should’ve been at his workshop for toys

But there he was on the screen

Between Quinn and the boys




Oh, Santa had crashed Google Meet

  He was there with his list, so we had to be discreet

      “No poop jokes!" we said, "And be sweet!”  

Because Santa was crashing our Meet



Dooba dee dee 

Poopa dee poo

Watch out Gammy!

Santa's coming for you!!

Verse 2

At the park seeking turtles and birds

You could hear Gammy mutter some "adults-only" words

   “What’s wrong,” Declan said, “Who is that?”

On her phone was that man with the red stocking hat!




Oh, Santa had hacked Gammy’s phone

      He was there on her screen; wouldn’t leave her alone

 It had felt a bit like “Twilight Zone”

 Now that Santa had bombed Gammy’s phone



Dooba dee dee 

Poopa dee poo

Watch out Gammy!

Santa's coming for you!!



The kids thought they must be at fault

   They must have slipped up, they feared they’d been caught

   Did he see that weird outfit that Holden put on?

   Or that time that Quinn bathed all her dolls in the John?   Really?


Bennett had enough snacks for a whale

As Gammy sat down to check her e-mail

 “What’s wrong?” Connor asked. “You look sick.”

 Cause there on her laptop, who else but St. Nick


Oh, Santa had hacked Gammy’s laptop

     On Facebook and Tick Tock, who knew where he’d stop?

       Gammy  frantically typed in ALL CAPS!


Verse 3


Pretty soon, Pooh Paw sensed her distress

  So he sat by her side, and he offered this guess..




Oh, Santa is jealous, that’s all    

   He sees all your gifts, winter, spring, summer, fall

Gammy, he just knows he can’t compete

He’s thinks he’s become obsolete



 Oh, Gammy-Gam’s our year-round elf

 She always puts family ahead of herself

    Gammy-Gam, you’ve got nothing to fear

  We all know you’re our Santa all year



Dooba dee dee 

Poopa dee poo

Watch out Santa!

Gammy's coming for you!!

Now Declan, now Connor

Holden and Quinn 

On Bennet, on Murphy

Let us begin!