Verse 1

I see dragons soaring through the skies


If you close your eyes . . . you can ride one


You’ve been busy; you’ve been running all the day


Now it’s time to play . . . in your dream zone




There’ll be tigers; there’ll be dinosaurs and cars


If you reach for the stars, you can catch one


    There’s no limit to adventures in your head


If you stay there in your bed, you can take one

Verse 2


How ‘bout ninjas, you can try out all your moves


As you battle to elude . . .  their clutches


In your dream zone, you can leap up in the air


You’ll leave them in despair, leaning on crutches



There’ll be mountains; there’ll be rivers ten miles wide


With your dreams by your side, you can cross them


Just imagine all the places you can go 


    Anyone you want to see, you’ll run across them


Verse 3


It’s getting late now; it’s time to go to sleep


You wouldn’t want to keep adventure waiting


Say good night now; let your body have its rest


As the sun sets in the west, start creating




As you grow, no matter where the road may wind


    Wherever you go, don’t leave your dreams behind


    As you grow, you’ll have more things on your mind


    Even then, never leave your dreams behind