On Purpose 


On PurposeRoberta Lea
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Verse 1

She was working as a Commodore

Getting settled on the 4th floor

Working harder than the summer day

Best believe he had a thing to say

Cause he didn't have time for green

A new teacher needing everything

But there was  something that had caught his eye

The possibilities across his mind


Slick-Rick always had something to say

Walking the front hall everyday

Sonja always on duty

But she's not just a young Rooty-tooty (2x)


He was making his way (on purpose)

Had something to say (on purpose)

Asked her out on a date (on purpose)

Told her, "Go home and pray." (on purpose) 


Verse 2

Who would've know

That all this time they walked the same old grounds

And who would've known

He was praising God behind her grandma's house

Fate has shown

Make up your mind, you have no room for doubt

Looking for a wife, no wasting time



No wasting time

Let's be upfront about it

Will you be mine

Start praying about it

What's your reply

You're the one and I want to spend my life

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