Verse 1


It was a January morning, the wind was bitter cold
You saw that faint line on the test strip and you smiled
It was the start of your adventure, nine months of hopes and fears
To prepare you for the birth of your first child
The timing wasn’t perfect; there were challenges ahead
When the Covid-19 virus came along
As an ER nurse you had to risk infection every day
But your will to serve and your faith in God were strong
. . . so you went to work each day and did your best
You said your prayers and you let God do the rest . . . knowing




You’d be a family 

Another branch on this blessed family tree

Verse 2


The first time that you saw your baby’s image
Your eyes began to fill with tears of joy
With those tiny little fingers and those chubby little cheeks
You somehow knew he’d be a little boy
And Dad, of course, can’t wait to have a son
That he can coach in baseball like his dad had done . . . and


You'll be a family 

Another branch on this blessed family tree



Every day you think about him, and the person he’ll become
And most of all, how you want his light to shine
The world has seen enough of hate and cruelty
It needs someone with the courage to be kind
In some day in late September, little Clark will finally come
The journey will be over, and a grander one begun



You’ll be a family You’ll be a family You’ll be a family

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