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Wedding Embrace

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Our packaging offers include customized album art, CDs, downloads, webpages, and more!

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Money well spent! My daughter listens and dances to this song every single day. She turned 5 and I wanted to give her something special and timeless. The song perfectly embodies her unique personality! And I love the custom album art! Made To Order Music did a great job! The process was simple and they made sure I was informed for every step. One of the best gifts I'd ever given. I'm definitely going to use Made To Order Music again!!

-Pam D.

Writing Music


The Soundtrack: it accompanies every scene in your favorite movie. 

It's carefully considered to stimulate our emotions during the dramatic moments of a unique and powerful story. 

What about your story?

Life has given you its share of climactic scenes, and Made To Order Music is here to write your soundtrack.

Skilled and creative songwriters will take your unique, powerful story and turn it into a song. 

Why a song? Because music is POWERFUL.

Just think about how long we've been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. After almost 250 years, that song remains in the hearts of millions.

So the next time you think about getting that special gift for a loved one or leaving behind a legacy for your children's children, a custom written song ought to be at the top of your list.

Custom Song and Customized Album Art

Starting at only $200

Music Room

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Fill out the pre-order form when you're ready for your custom song. You can select your package, set your due date and you can even select your songwriter!


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Roberta Lea

Norfolk, VA

Roberta Lea is a singer, songwriter, producer, author, teacher, tutor and so much more hailing out of Norfolk, VA. She started her songwriting in her youth as  she learned to play guitar and keyboard for her band.


She'd always had a passion for songwriting, but as she dove deeper into the music industry, she was discouraged to find her powerfully written songs get lost in the sea of streaming. All the hard work and investment would be swallowed by mainstream services and she wanted  to find a way to add value to music beyond what gets played on the  radio, and Made To Order Music was born. 

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